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Contact Person: Robin Sukhia
Event Details
Event Details

Dear friends,

Established in 2016 by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the India-Sweden Business Leaders' Roundtable (ISBLRT) serves as a pivotal platform aimed at deepening our understanding of India, fortifying our networks, and offering collective advice to political leaders on pertinent sectoral actions. This initiative is integral to advancing our bilateral, European, and global business relations. One of the focal sectors under scrutiny is Life Sciences. As the co-chair of this distinguished group, I am delighted to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to accompany me on an enriching journey to Hyderabad and Chennai from October 1st to 4th.

Our visit aims to probe deeper into India's economic and political landscape post-election, particularly to anticipate the priorities and policies of the Modi 3.0 government in the Life Sciences sector. By understanding the key market drivers, we seek to equip you with insights necessary for informed strategic decision-making, ensuring your companies' future success in India.

Hyderabad and Chennai, dynamic states with robust economic growth trajectories, are our chosen destinations. Through engagements with influential decision-makers, opinion leaders, and state politicians, we intend to foster enduring partnerships conducive to mutual growth.

Furthermore, our focus extends to innovation, AI, digitalization, and product adaptation, areas of mutual interest. India's vibrant ecosystem of start-ups and scale-ups harbors immense talent to support our innovation agenda. This visit provides a prime opportunity to tap into this resource pool and cultivate collaborative ventures.

The Sweden-India Business Council (acting as the secretariat to ISBLRT), along with Swecare, Business Sweden and Business Region Göteborg, is orchestrating this visit to offer you an immersive journey and a rewarding experience.

Please register your participation on this page and you will be contacted to receive more information on your participation.

Do please note that this is a CEO/Chair delegation.

With warm regards

Leif Johansson, Delegation Leader and Co-Chair of India Sweden Business Leaders' Roundtable's Life Science Group.

We designed a program for you get a better understanding of India and how to innovate smarter and better for global markets.

You will:

  • get a better understanding of what drives Indian market which caters to 1,4 billion people
  • from a strategic level understand the business models, healthcare system, volume, price and benefit are key pillars for emerging market.
  • get ideas on how to collaborate and innovate for global markets
  • create strategic relationships with top leaders and the innovation system

The journey will take you to


  • visit to T-Hub - India's largest innovation hub with 5000 start-ups
  • participate in an Executive Roundtable with top level leaders and participants
  • to a power dinner with industry leaders, owners and government officials
  • experience Medicovers operations in India - a Swedish owned leading medical institution in India


  • a brief on the Healthcare system in Channai
  • visit to IIT Madras, India's leading university and their healthcare Technology Center
  • a power dinner with decision makers in the Tamil Nadu eco system
  • India's largest healthcare "startup"


India's healthcare sector is a significant employer with a workforce of 4.71 million and an annual addition of 0.5 million workers. The industry has witnessed a remarkable 22.5% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) since 2016, making it one of India's largest sectors.

Government initiatives and investments, both public and private, are creating opportunities for Swedish life science specialists to contribute to India's healthcare infrastructure enhancement and cost reduction efforts. The healthcare market in India was valued at USD 372 billion in 2022 and is projected to exceed USD 650 billion by the end of 2025. Major advancements are observed in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology sub-sectors.

Ayushman Bharat, India's flagship scheme for Universal Health Coverage (UHC), aims to provide basic medical coverage for over 500 million people, contributing significantly to public health expenditure. Favorable policies, tax benefits, and encouraging Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have attracted investments from foreign players.

Swedish healthcare players stand poised for significant opportunities within India's burgeoning healthcare landscape, encompassing diagnostics, digital transformation, efficient treatment methods, and medical devices. As India intensifies its investment in upgrading medical infrastructure and witnesses escalating demand for home care services and pharmaceuticals, Swedish expertise in early detection, digital healthcare solutions, personalized medicine, and cutting-edge medical devices becomes invaluable. Through strategic collaboration with local partners, Swedish firms can meet the burgeoning market demand for high-quality healthcare innovations, thereby enhancing accessibility and improving patient outcomes.

India's trajectory of growth encompasses all sectors, including healthcare, where innovative technologies like AI and wearable devices are increasingly essential to serve its vast population of 1.4 billion. In this context, Sweden's reputation for pioneering innovations and solutions positions it as a natural ally for India's expansion in the digital healthcare realm.

With a demographic shift looming, with 12.5% of the population projected to be above 65 years by 2030, there is a pressing need for sophisticated treatments, telemedicine adoption, home healthcare services, early diagnosis, and prevention. Addressing these needs is vital to alleviate the potential healthcare cost burden that the country may face in the coming years.

If you as a CEO or Founder are interested in joining this exclusive CEO delegation, do register your interest and we will contact you.

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