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Venue Location

Ericsson Imagine Studio

Grönlandsgatan 8
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

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Organizer: , GX Group, , Ericsson
Contact Person: Robin Sukhia
Event Details
Event Details

In an interconnected and uncertain world, the role of regionalization in supply chain management is gaining prominence. A survey reveals that 30% of supply chiefs have shifted from a global to a regional model due to disruptions like natural disasters, geopolitical unrest, trade battles, and cyberattacks.

India's advancements in supply chain management, driven by initiatives like Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliance) and Make in India, highlight the benefits of regional manufacturing. These efforts, such as the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative and electronics manufacturing schemes, position India favorably for economic growth.

To enhance supply chain resilience, businesses can expand their supplier network, maintain strong ties with regional vendors, invest in technology for efficiency, and create robust backup plans. Regional supply chains have also been shown to reduce carbon footprints by up to 35%, promoting sustainability.

Regional supply networks contribute to

  • High control enabling cost efficiency
  • Increased flexibility
  • improved competitive advantage
  • local economic growth by
  • fostering innovation
  • attracting investment
  • creating jobs
  • integrating technology, such as cloud computing, IoT, AI, and blockchain, which enhances transparency, traceability, and collaboration in regional supply chains

By joining this exclusive format and listen to other success stories, you will:

  • Sharpen your skills around the overall understanding
  • Gain significant knowledge by listening to the experience from Covid restructuring
  • Challenges faced in India by Swedish firms
  • Ramping up your Supply Chain in India
  • Balancing the other large markets while focusing on India
  • Understand the importance of sometimes working with India Government to structure the Supply chain Eco system for manufacturing
  • Get a market understanding on what is happening from a global perspective in India
  • Enhance your knowledge of the regional challenges
  • Form new relationships with fellow executives facing similar challenges
  • Challenge your company's ways of addressing the issues
  • Gain strategic knowledge of issues that may impact your plans

As businesses face a changing environment, regionalization is recognized as a crucial force for resilience, responsiveness, sustainability, and compliance. Embracing this shift in supply chain dynamics can yield positive effects across geographies and industries.

Join our Executive Roundtable where we gather business executives in a board room format, together with a few speakers, to share some experiences but formost to discuss the challenges you may face, and the opportunities and experiences you can share. This is one of the most efficient ways to discover smarter ways of doing business, and at the same time share your experiences with others.

To share further insights we have invited top speakers who will share their experiences and participate in the roundtable.

  • Hans Hallgren, Head of Supply SCM, Ericsson
  • Paritosh Prajapati, CEO and Founder of GX Group,
  • Ajay Nair, Partner, Leader Supply Chain Transformation at PwC India (on video from India)


We can only accept executives who work in this field or who are affected by supply chains in the Sweden India bilateral corridor. Therefore all registrations are subject to approval. We thank you for your understanding. The meeting is in person, and not online.

  • Hans Hallgren (Head of Group Supply SCM at Ericsson)

    Hans Hallgren

    Head of Group Supply SCM at Ericsson

  • Ajay Nair (Partner, Leader Supply Chain Transformation at PwC India)

    Ajay Nair

    Partner, Leader Supply Chain Transformation at PwC India

  • Paritosh Prajapati (CEO of GX Group)

    Paritosh Prajapati

    CEO of GX Group

  • Discussion Leader: Robin Sukhia (Secretary General & CEO of Sweden-India Business Council)

    Discussion Leader: Robin Sukhia

    Secretary General & CEO of Sweden-India Business Council

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Sponsors and Partners

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