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Event Details

Join us for our next Sustainability Dialogues on A.I. and Sustainability, where we discuss with business leaders from India and Sweden.

How do the Swedish companies view the role of A.I. in accelerating green transition in their respective business and sectors?

What potential does AI carry as an important tool in the effort to decouple economic growth from rising carbon emissions?

Regulation/Policy: what's needed to promote holistic sustainability and impact on people, environment and business?

Latest developments, threats and opportunities?

Speakers :

Kaushik Dey, Research Leader - AI/ML at Ericsson India

M Saravanan, Principal Researcher at Ericsson India

Aakriti Samaiyar, Business Development at TrusTrace

Per-Arne Wikström, Head of Office of Science & Innovation, Embassy of Sweden

Our discussion will be moderated by Arati Davis, COO at Sweden-India Business Council and Karan Dua, Programme Manager at the Chamber.



Businesses are concurrently facing growing pressure to transform business models and embrace the shift to a low-carbon and technology drive sustainable future. As digitalization and decarbonization, powerful megatrends operating in parallel take hold globally, it's important to assess what are some of the benefits, capabilities and threats A.I. enfolds.

AI applications can optimize processes, aid in emissions measurement, forecast climate trends, leading to emission reduction esp. in the area of green energy, transport, supply chains. And promote climate-positive behaviour, both at an individual and community level.

It is estimated that using AI for environmental applications could contribute up to $5.2 trillion USD to the global economy in 2030, while the application of AI levers could reduce worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 4% in 2030, an amount equivalent to 2.4 Gt CO2e – equivalent to the 2030 annual emissions of Australia, Canada and Japan combined.

But with greater reliance on A.I., comes inherent challenges and threats. Development of a strong and ethical framework, particularly regarding data security and individual privacy is another concern, as AI regulations are still at a nascent stage. Developing and training AI models is an energy intensive process and can result in high carbon emissions.

If carefully managed, it can be a formidable ally in our journey towards sustainable growth and achieving Industry's green goals and our nations' SDG targets.

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  • Per Arne Wikstrom (Counselor for Science and Innovation at Office of Science and Innovation, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi.)

    Per Arne Wikstrom

    Counselor for Science and Innovation at Office of Science and Innovation, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi.

  • Arati Davis (Chief Operating Officer at Sweden India Business Council)

    Arati Davis

    Chief Operating Officer at Sweden India Business Council

  • Kaushik Dey (Research Leader - AI/ML at Ericsson)

    Kaushik Dey

    Research Leader - AI/ML at Ericsson

  • Karan Dua (Program Manager at SCCI)

    Karan Dua

    Program Manager at SCCI

  • Aakriti Samaiyar (Business Development at Trustrace)

    Aakriti Samaiyar

    Business Development at Trustrace

  • M Saravanan (Principal Researcher at Ericsson India)

    M Saravanan

    Principal Researcher at Ericsson India

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