November 18 - 22, 2024GMT+1

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In 2023, Sweden-India Business Council initiated a program – Sweden India Innovation Bridge. Its primary objective is to bolster the innovation landscape within Swedish companies, fostering agility and cost-effectiveness.

The concept is simple: by influencing senior managers to embrace new ideas, explore diverse innovation methodologies, observe successful collaborations, and immerse themselves in India's thriving startup ecosystem, we aim to instigate a shift in mindset. Hopefully, this will catalyze novel approaches to innovation among participating delegates and their respective organizations.

India, despite not being widely recognized for its technological advancements, has been witnessing intriguing developments. For instance, in 2022 alone, the country recorded 74 billion digital transactions (Europe 29,4 billion) amounting to a staggering $1.6 trillion USD – a figure set to soar to $10 trillion USD by 2026. The remarkable growth of India's digital economy is driven by necessity, market need and innovation. Our program is strategically centered on AI and digitalization, establishing a bilateral platform of mutual interest.

The resounding positive feedback from Batch One of the Sweden India Innovation Bridge, which consisted of 23 representatives of large companies, 10 scale-ups/start-ups, venture studios and professors from 2 universities, underscores its success prompting us to transform it into an annual initiative. Recognizing that firsthand experiencing is pivotal in fostering belief, we encourage a continuous influx of participants from corporations, scaleups, and academia to partake in this program, thereby gaining experiences and adopting a shared lexicon of innovation.

The program is for 5 days, with the first introductory day in Stockholm on 15 October, the following days are in Hyderabad between 18-19 November, and Bengaluru between 20 - 22 November. During this journey, you will experience amongst other things, the following:

  • First-hand engagement with India's innovation ecosystem
  • Women in Tech
  • Driving innovation in India
  • Deeptech and Space Innovation
  • International Collaboration on Innovation
  • Building a successful tech business from scratch
  • Meet the Bengaluru Innovation Eco System
  • Driving Innovation in India for the world
  • Inspirational talks on Innovation in various sectors
  • Global Innovation Centre
  • Intense Networking Dinners with a wide range of stakeholders

Included in the program, and sometimes equally important, are the the cultural aspects with market visits, yoga, music and food.

The deadline is for registration is on 30 June in order of us to plan and book everything accordingly.

Book a time with nisha.mony@sibc.se if you are interested in understanding more about the program.We will go through a presentation with you individually to both understand your interest and also the need you feel you have.

The delegates participating in 2023 had some of the following positions:

IT- Director, Vice President Global Research and Development, Head of R&D, VP R&D Attachments, Global Technology and Methods Manager, Manager Systems AI, Investment Director, Managing Director, VP Product Offer and Innovation, VP Vehicle Engineering, Program Manager, VP Group Digital and Co-Founders, CEOs and Professors.

The registration will be binding but transferable.